Daily Work Wear March 16-20

Work Wear March 16-20

With the sudden changes in many of our routines and being more confined to our homes, I thought I would write about the importance of maintaining a regular routine and doing something special for yourself. This week, I worked from home everyday and while I usually work from home once a week, working from home all week was a major change in my routine. For me, with being at home more due to what’s going on with the Coronavirus, it takes more motivation to have get-up and go. I’m not going out as much and hence I’m not getting dressed up and doing my hair and make-up like I usually do. However, it’s still important to maintain some sort of routine.

Below is a picture of something I would wear around the house. I don’t believe in staying in my pajamas all day, because to me this signals lack of productivity. I feel different when I’m in my pajamas versus when I put on clothes. When I get up and take the time to get dressed and put on simple jewelry it gives me some structure. I also take the time do things I usually do, like continuing to working out and take walks. It’s also important for me to do something that relaxes me whether it be prayer, taking naps when I can, or listening to a meditation app. Lately, I’ve been listening to a Christian meditation app called Abide which provides narrations on different topics like anxiety, sleep, or peace. The app has a narrator for each topic as well as a bible verse related to the topic. At the end of the narration there is a prayer and a time for reflection. Meditation and prayer are very important, especially in times like this with so much uncertainty and fear.

When it comes to doing something special for myself, I do something that I can look forward to as a mood booster for my day. It can be anything simple you do for yourself like taking a bubble bath, listening to your favorite song, or talking to a friend via Facetime.

Ultimately, in times of uncertainty and change it’s important to remember that this too shall pass. In keeping that in mind it gives me something to look forward to because better times are ahead. Also, in the times of uncertainty, it’s important to look for ways we are growing and good that may be coming out of the situation. For example, through being at home, it may be an opportunity to get a head start on spring cleaning and spending more time with family. I know for me it’s given me more time to plan goals I want to accomplish this year by laying out a timeline and objectives for completing these goals.

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