Work Appropriate Lip Color

Work Appropriate Lip Color Ideas

Hello all! Along with a nice outfit, small details like the lip color one decides to wear to work can make a world of difference in appearance. The right lip color has the power to complete a look and give an air of professionalism. However, finding the right lip color can be a challenge with there being so many different colors out there and not every color complements every skin tone. Today I’m going to share my favorite lip colors to wear for work .

Bare Minerals “Perf

The Bare Minerals Perf color has been a personal favorite of mine for the past couple of years. It is a neutral shade that perfectly complements my skin tone and it is long lasting. It stays on my lips for hours even after drinking or eating.

I wear this shade for everyday in the office as it goes with everything. I also wear it on weekends when I am going out.

While this lip color is a bit expensive it is worth the investment because it is long lasting and retains its glossy look for a long time. It’s also not difficult to remove .

NYX Lip Lingerie “Butter”

NYX Lip Lingerie is another color I’ve been known to wear as an everyday nude shade. It’s a lighter color that is subtle but still shows a hint of color. Since it’s a nude it goes with everything. I do notice myself wearing this color more during the summer months since it is a lighter shade.

It’s also an affordable lip gloss that perfectly complements many looks. It can be worn in the office or you can dress it up. This is a natural looking shade that is good for those that want a color that is noticeable but not too bold.

MAC “Bated Breath” and “Chestnut

I just recently found out about MAC Bated Breath and now I am hooked. It goes great with MAC’s Chestnut lip liner shown below. This is a darker auburn shade that is absolutely gorgeous and very rich looking. I recently wore it in a professional headshot photo I took and loved the way this combination looked on me.

The MAC Bated Breath is a nude shade that pops and the Chestnut lip liner really enhances the look of the lipstick. If you’re looking for a color combination to take your professional look to the next level that is neutral and stands out I highly recommend this.

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