Summer Fashions: Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun

Lately, summer has been turning up the heat in my neck of the woods and it has called for a stylish and effective way to protect my skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays, a sun hat. I just recently got into sun hats and now I’m wondering where they have been all my life! Not only do they offer extra protection from the sun, they are also a stylish complement to many summer outfits. The hat I’m wearing also happens to have SF 50 protection. I’m personally fond of wide brim sun hats as they fully protect my face and look fashionable. They remind me of the elegant hats worn by ladies at events like the Kentucky Derby.

I pair my sun hat with other summer wardrobe staples; a lightweight cotton dress, lace-up sandals and a wick bag. The dress can be dressed up or down and offers comfort on hot summer days due to it light texture. The sandals are also comfortable and their neutral color gives them versatility. The bag completes the summer look and brings together the colors of the outfit. The look makes it easy to stay comfortable while enjoying the pleasures of summer like stopping and smelling the flowers on a sunny day or enjoying a bowl of fresh summer fruit.

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