Summer Fashions: Leaving the Last Days of Summer in Style

Leaving the Last Days of Summer in Style: Transitional Pieces

Jacket: similar here; Dress: Venus; Sandals: similar here; Bag:similar here: Necklace: similar here; Sunglasses: similar here;
Earrings: similar here

This time of year people are gearing up for the start of fall, promoting things like pumpkin spice lattes, boots, and Halloween and with the way the weather has been where I live, going back and forth between cold and warm, I can see why. However, with summer being my favorite season, I like to take the last few weeks of summer and enjoy them while summer is still here. I’m in no rush for colder weather and like to get the last wear of my summer clothes on days that the weather is still appropriate for them. Today I’m styling an outfit appropriate for the transitional time of year between summer and fall.

With Labor Day being the unofficial end of summer, I like to mix summer color pallets with neutrals. I’m wearing a neutral olive green dress with bright yellow accents. These colors could double up as summer and fall colors. The dress can be worn by itself for warmer days or with a jacket or cardigan for cooler days and evenings. The look is appropriate for enjoying end of summer activities like taking a stroll through a park or a garden or spending time with family and friends at a barbecue. It can also be worn for a casual day at the office or for a going out look, making it a transitional outfit.

Speaking of transition, the change in seasons can be symbolic of the changes in seasons of life, with there always being a transitional period between each season. While some changes aren’t always welcome, some are and with any change it’s important to prep oneself for what’s to come. Hence, with my outfit I’m still embracing summer while sprinkling in bits of fall in preparation for the new season to come.

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