Beauty Posts: Fall Beauty Finds

Fall Beauty Finds

I can’t believe that the official start to fall is only a couple of days away! Where has the time gone?! The weather in my neck of the woods has been saying fall for the past couple of weeks. With the cooler weather and leaves changing colors also comes the change in my beauty palette. This time of year I tend to favor wearing neutral or jewel tone lip colors and darker neutral colored nail polish.

I feature 2 of my favorite brands of beauty products for their great quality and rich hues: OPI and MAC. Above I’m shown wearing MAC’s Instigator lipstick and it’s a deep plum color that goes good with various neutral and rich jewel tone colors that are popular for this time of year. The color is matte but I add a swipe of L’Oreal Paris Violet Twist lipgloss over it to give it some shine as I like shine in my lip color. The color is long lasting and can be worn from day to night. Similar colors include L’Oréal Paris Plum Wine and NYX Goal Digger.

For the nails I favor darker neutral colors for the fall as I wear neutrals all year long but like to wear earth tone neutrals this time of year. I feature one of my favorite earth tones, OPI’s Worth a Pretty Penne which is a copper color. This color could pass as a summer color because it reminds me of a suntan, but also looks appropriate for fall due to it being a shade of brown. It’s also great for those who want to slowly transition to fall colors without the colors being too dark.

Hopefully everyone’s transition into the new season is smooth and offers new perspectives and fresh fashion insight.

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