Pink Power-Suit: Featured Weekly Work Wear Outfit September 21-25

Pink Power-Suit

Suit Blazer: similar here; Suit Pants: similar here; Shoes: DSW; Purse: similar here; Camisole: similar here

I don’t know about you, but I really like a power-suit. There’s something about wearing a suit that gives me a sense of confidence and authority. I walk a little taller and feel like a true girl-boss. Suits make an individual look tailored and polished and send the message that “I mean business.” They also don’t have to be boring and can be worn in a variety of colors from neutral to bold like the one I’m wearing above.

This pink suit is double breasted and features a belt that cinches the waist. The pants are ankle length making this suit ideal for milder weather. It could go with a variety of neutral accessories and I chose silver to bring out the silver in the belt loops. The suit can be worn to work, meetings, conferences, church or any business attire event. Of course like with any outfit worn, it doesn’t make the individual wearing it, but it’s the person wearing it who makes the outfit. Hence, on a day when I want to portray power and authority over my work day whether that be because I have an important meeting or interview or I just really feel like wearing a suit, I will rock a suit like the one above.

Shop the look below

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