Fall Fashions: Stand-Out Statement Coat

Stand-Out Statement Coat

Colorful leaves or trees dying? Cold air or a crispness in the air? It’s all in how we view things. While I’m not a big fan of the colder weather that comes with fall, I do like styling fall trends like the trench coat. Coats are definitely a fashion staple for colder weather months and if I must wear one to stay warm I figure I might as well have fun styling them. One of my favorite coat trends is pairing neutrals underneath with a colorful coat like the olive green one I’m wearing above. I like to wear colorful coats to make colder weather more bearable. Trench coats in particular come in a variety of colors and are a cold weather piece that is a timeless classic.

The coat I’m wearing is great fall coat that keeps me warm on colder days yet is light enough to wear on milder days. The olive green color makes it versatile enough to wear with a variety of looks without it clashing with vibrant colors. I pair my trench coat with black neutrals to let my coat be the stand-out piece in this look. I enhance the look of the black neutrals with gold accessories. This look is great for going from day to night and could be worn to the office on a casual work day or for going out.

While writing this post it reminds me to make the best out of any situation and in this case it’s the change in seasons. While I don’t like many of the changes that fall brings about, I make the best of it by finding fun and innovative ways to enhance my wardrobe for the season and even enjoy accessorizing my colder weather outfits with a statement coat.

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