Beauty Post: Winter Wonderland of Products for Glowing and Moist Skin

Winter Wonderland of Products for Glowing Skin

Neutrogena Soothing Clear Turmeric Mousse Cleaner: Neutrogena; Makeup Towel: similar here ; Rose Quartz Roller and under eye roller: similar here

While the calendar doesn’t quite say that winter has officially started, the weather in my neck of the woods says otherwise. Things like snowflakes, hot chocolate, cute boots, and winter coats can conjure up beautiful images of winter. However winter doesn’t always make for beautiful skin. Personally, my skin tends to get very dry during the winter and I find it especially important during cold weather months to moisturize my skin to give it a glow and soft feel.

Featured above are products I recently discovered that have proven to be effective at giving skin the extra moisture and TLC it needs to sparkle and glow like freshly fallen snow. Neutrogena’s Soothing Clear Turmeric Mousse Cleaner is a face wash that goes on light and has a refreshing feel and scent to it. I noticed after a couple weeks of using it that it is very effective at gently cleansing skin without drying it out. It also leaves a tingling sensation which makes skin feel clean. When rinsing off the face wash I use the makeup towel which is great at absorbing all cleanser and soap off my face. This towel is super absorbent and does a great job of soaking up water. I find myself having to rinse my face off less when I use this towel versus a typical terry cloth towel.

After washing my face I use the rose quartz roller every morning and at night in order to help my face absorb the products I apply when washing and moisturizing it. The rose quartz stone is very cool to the touch and gives my skin the cooling sensation it needs to wake it up in the morning and smooth it at night. The rose quartz is said to improve the skin’s smoothness, reduce inflammation, and slow signs of aging. When rolled on the neck it is said to clean the lymphatic passages. The detached round head is used under the eyes to reduce under eye puffiness. I noticed when I used the roller that I had less breakouts and it made my skin feel smoother. It also feels like a massage to my face and neck so it’s definitely a keeper.

While the weather outside may getting frightful, your skin can be smooth and delightful throughout winter with the right products and care.

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