Winter Fashions: Christmas Chic

Christmas Chic

Next to summer, the Christmas season is my favorite time of year. I can’t believe it’s only a week away. This year has flown by despite all that has happened in it. Christmas for many this year will look quite different than it has in the past.

For Christmas occasions where I want to look festive and nice but don’t want to overdo it, a nice sweater, booties, and fitted slim fit pants are perfect. The green glittery sweater is Christmas chic and the black fitted pants can be dressed up or down and are comfortable. Since they stretchy, they’re appropriate for all of the eating and indulging many tend to partake in on Christmas Day. This outfit is perfect for any Christmas occasion from a virtual call with loved ones to Christmas service.

Overall, this Christmas outfit is the perfect combination of chic and comfy to welcome the Christmas season in style.

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