Beauty Posts: Boosting Skin’s Defense Against Frigid Temps

Boosting Skin’s Defense Against Frigid Temps

Frigid cold temperatures had a grip where I live for quite a while and the low temps and high wind chills had me turning to products that would keep my skin hydrated. This is the time of year where I’m ready for it to be spring, but I know that in order for my skin to look its best when warmer temps arrive, it’s important to care for it properly while it’s cold outside. Consequently, I incorporate some products that give my skin the extra boost of hydration it needs to prevent from getting dry.

Bath and Body Works Zen Garden Body Wash and Body Cream: Not only do these products smell divine and refreshing, but they are also very creamy and concentrated, giving skin the moisture it needs before and after a bath or shower. The body wash leaves my skin and towel feeling very smooth after each use and the body cream is thick but easy to apply. I would highly recommend using body wash and body cream during the colder weather months due to their thickness in moisture and ability to keep the skin moist more so than shower gel or lotion.

Botanica Naturale Lavendar and Mint Foot and Hand Balm: When I first recieved this balm I looked at the small container and thought that there’s no way this is going to last me for a while. However, 2 months later and after using it almost daily, half the container is still left. This balm smells soothing and relaxing thanks to the lavender and mint combo. It also does a great job of moisturing my hands, which tend to get very dry especially during the winter months. It absorbs in the skin quickly and leaves it lightly scented.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter: Cocoa butter is a classic skincare product used by many to minimize dry areas of the skin, as well as to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. I use it on my face at night on areas that tend to get dry during the winter. Since it is butter, it’s very dense so a little goes a long way. For those with sensitive skin who might be worried about it clogging pores, that has not been my experience as I don’t overdo it when applying it. When I wake up and throughout my day, I don’t see any dry areas on my face.

Neutrogena Skin Balancing Milky Cleanser: I was leary about this product when I first purchased it, as the back of container states that it can be used on damp or dry skin. My thought was if you can use it on dry skin just how effective is it going to be. However, after using this product for about a month I’m happy with the results. It is lightly scented and glides on like a body wash. There is no lather, however like the name states it has a milky consistency. This particular line of Neutrogena products comes in 3 types and the one I use is for dry and sensitive skin. After washing my face with it every morning, I’m left with moist and supple skin.

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