Summer Fashions: Keeping Cool Summer Style

Since summer is in full swing, it only makes sense to want to wear an outfit that keeps you cool. Do you ever have those days during the summer, whether it be for going to work or church where you want to look polished, yet also want to stay cool and be comfortable? This look accomplishes all of that. I’ve had this skirt for what seems like decades and love that it’s one of those classic wardrobe pieces that doesn’t go out of style. It’s also very lightweight and comfortable.

Styling the skirt was fairly easy given its silhouette and colors. I love a classic button down top as they are versatile and can be dressed up or down. They also give an air of professionalism. Since it has sleeves, they can be rolled up for the heat outside and also keep me warm it colder buildings. In order to balance out the colors in the outfit I paired it with blue accessories. The three-tone tote adds to the professionalism of the look and coordinates perfectly with the blue in the skirt. The espadrilles keep the outfit comfy yet stylish and also bring out the blue in the skirt.

Overall, this is a simple yet classic look that is effortless and looks well put together. It does a great job of being functional by keeping me cool and comfortable in the heat.

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