Summer Fashions: Trip to Mackinac Island

Trip to Mackinac Island

Plant sculpture shaped like none other than a horse drawn carriage.

To round off the end of the summer, I took a trip to Mackinac Island for the first time. It’s sad but true that having lived in Michigan my whole life, this was my first trip to this popular Michigan vacation spot. I suppose the reason for this is I have spent so much time traveling out of state, that I often overlook the sights, sounds, and wonders of my home state. At any rate, Mackinac Island is definitely a must see place and makes a great quick weekend getaway. In planning for my quick trip, I decided to wear summer colors since summer is starting to wind down.

The outfit is dressy chic while still being functional enough to tour Mackinac Island. The top is fun and stylish with the puff sleeves and is comfortable as it stretches. It’s versatile enough to wear with anything from jeans to slacks. I paired it with white jeans to get my last wear in of white jeans for the season. I accessorized with pink to coordinate with the top. Overall it kept me cool during the day and warm in the evening for the fluctuating temps that the island often experiences.

The island itself is its own experience and has a lot of rich history and historical sites. Many of these sites are well preserved and replicate their original design. One of the historical aspects I enjoyed was no cars on the island as it encouraged walking or taking a carriage, both of which are more conducive to taking in the surroundings. The combination of unique landmarks, slower pace, and natural beauty of the island made for a great trip.

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