Winter Fashions: Being Cute, While Staying Warm

Being Cute, While Staying Warm

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” is a phrase that has definitely resonated with me lately with the snow we’ve gotten in my neck of the woods. Although the calendar says it’s still fall, the weather has said otherwise. The cold and snow has inspired me to come up with a way to stay warm while still looking cute, hence the sweater dress. This look is a great way to ward off the cold in a practical way, while looking cute doing it.

At the cornerstone of this warm and fashionable look is the sweater dress. It’s cute with its bodycon style and snap button detail, while keeping its wearer warm due to its length. The sweater material also contributes to its wearer being warm. In accessorizing the dress, I decided to go for a monochrome look with beige over the knee boots, a beige coat, and a tan, brown, and cream tote. I wore gold jewelry to bring out the gold in the buttons on the dress. The look is great for a plethora of occasions, from church or the office to going out.

Who said you can’t be cute and warm during the cold weather months?

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