Workwear Inspo: Casual Friday Chic

Casual Friday Chic

Cheers to the weekend! For many in the workplace, Fridays bring about a more casual vibe and dress code. While jeans may be acceptable this day of the work week, finding pieces to pair with them that are casual while not looking too casual can be a challenge, however that does not have to be the case. This look easily transitions its wearer from the work week to the weekend. It’s relaxed while looking polished and professional at the same time.

The key to dressing for casual Fridays is pairing office appropriate pieces like the blazer and heels with more casual items like jeans. I show two footwear options, heels and sneakers as this outfit easily goes with both. The heels are appropriate if you still have something more formal like a meeting to attend, while the sneakers are fitting if you want to be comfortable and casual while also looking well put together. To complete the look I’m wearing pink pearls and carrying a pink to coordinate with the blazer and shoes.

Command respect, while looking casual and chic in this Friday fashion forward look for casual Fridays.

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