Fall Fashions: Fall Work from Home Look

With many people working remotely or doing a hybrid work arrangement, the need for comfy yet professional clothing is in demand. It’s easy and possible to have the best of both worlds with looks like the one I’m wearing above. The dress can be worn by itself on warmer days or with a cardigan for colder days. This outfit is also perfect for running errands and the dress can be paired with a blue jean jacket for weekends.

The outfit was easy to coordinate and contains pieces that can be worn with a variety of other wardrobe items and for different occasions. I decided to do a monochrome pink look but the dress would also work well with a cream cardigan. I find that with lounge wear dresses the key to finding a comfy one is making sure that it’s stretchy. In terms of the cardigan, I chose a waterfall cardigan due to its looseness, making it comfortable for days around the house. The looseness of this style also works well with this dress as it doesn’t take away from the dress, but complements it with the open front. I’ve also worn this cardigan with a top and leggings for another work from home look. To complete the look I wear pink slippers and simple pink jewelry.

When it comes to work from home for me it’s important to look professional and put together while also staying comfortable. This in combination with the warmth this outfit brings makes it a perfect work from home fall look.

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