Workwear Inspo: How to Mix Bright Colors and Prints

Warmers temps, birds chirping, longer days, these are all sure signs that spring is here. Another sure sign of spring is brighter colors. Bright colors seem to be really popular this season and I’m here for it! I love wearing brighter colors as a way to embrace the change in seasons and brighten my mood.Continue reading “Workwear Inspo: How to Mix Bright Colors and Prints”

Workwear Inspo: Work from Home Look Idea

I’ve been working from home exclusively since the pandemic began and I had to make the transition from going to an office everyday to making my home my office. A big part of that transition was finding clothes that were comfortable enough to wear around the house yet still enabled me to look decent enoughContinue reading “Workwear Inspo: Work from Home Look Idea”

Workwear Inspo: Styling a High-Waisted Skirt

I like that the high waisted style of bottoms is very trendy right now, as this style is very flattering on many figures and accentuates the waist and hips. It gives women a feminine and classy look. However, for some this trend can be intimidating. Well fear no more, because when done right this styleContinue reading “Workwear Inspo: Styling a High-Waisted Skirt”

Winter Fashions: Vibrant Hues to Beat the Winter Blues

We’re at the long stretch of winter and at times, the winter blues have set in for me with it being cold, gray and overcast, and being hit by snow storms. It can be hard to find joy with the weather being gloomy, however your outfit can be an instant mood booster. People tend toContinue reading “Winter Fashions: Vibrant Hues to Beat the Winter Blues”

Workwear Inspo: Stand-Out Look for Virtual and Beyond

Happy New Year! Hope your new year is off to a great start and for those who set goals, that you are well on your way to accomplishing those goals. For some, one of those goals may be to put your best foot forward and be more confident. One way to exude this newfound confidenceContinue reading “Workwear Inspo: Stand-Out Look for Virtual and Beyond”

Winter Fashions: What I Wore to a Christmas Play

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Christmas play ”A Christmas Carol” and wanted to look Christmas festive in honor of the holiday. Given that I was attending a play in the evening, and I read that the dress was ”dressy casual” I wore attire that could easily be appropriate for the play, aContinue reading “Winter Fashions: What I Wore to a Christmas Play”

Winter Fashions: Being Cute, While Staying Warm

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” is a phrase that has definitely resonated with me lately with the snow we’ve gotten in my neck of the woods. Although the calendar says it’s still fall, the weather has said otherwise. The cold and snow has inspired me to come up with a way toContinue reading “Winter Fashions: Being Cute, While Staying Warm”

Fall Fashions: Fall Foliage Inspired Dress

Typically I like to wear colors that are seasonably appropriate and with it being fall I decided to style a dress in fall colors. Darker colors are usually associated with the fall, however I chose to style a color that doesn’t get much love this time of year but is seen quite often in fallContinue reading “Fall Fashions: Fall Foliage Inspired Dress”

Fall Fashions: Suited Up for Fall

With fall in full swing, I have started to transition my wardrobe. Lately it’s been a mix of warmer days and cool mornings and evenings making dressing for the weather somewhat of a challenge. Suits are perfect to keep warm in the mornings and evenings, while also keeping cool during the day especially ankle lengthContinue reading “Fall Fashions: Suited Up for Fall”