Fall Fashions: Smooth Transition from Summer to Fall

Pants: New York and Company, Shirt: Amazon, Handbag: Amazon, Sandals: SHEIN,

Now that fall is almost upon us it’s appropriate to start thinking about outfits that can easily transition from summer to fall. The outfit I’m wearing does just that with items such as ankle pants and a button down that can be worn for warmer weather with sandals and a wick bag. They can also be worn for the fall with a blazer, pumps, and the matching leather handbag. Dressed for either season, this look is polished and professional and makes the transition between seasons smooth and simple.

The overall outfit does not change much except for the accessories worn for the two seasons. For the summer I match the wick wedge heel sandals with a wick handbag and wear the button by itself to stay cool in warmer temps. The ankle pants and button down shirt offer just the right amount of coverage to stay cool when outside and warm for colder buildings. The fall look is complete with a blazer for cooler mornings and evenings and milder daytime temps. I cinch the waist with a leopard print belt and match it up with the pumps and and leather handbag.

Transitioning your wardrobe for the change in seasons doesn’t have to be complicated with seasonally versatile items like a button down and ankle pants. What are your favorite transitional wardrobe items?

Pumps: Nine West, similar here, Handbag: Strathberry, Blazer: Tahari, similar here, Belt: New York and Company

Workwear Inspo: 3 Ways to Style a Bodycon Dress for Work

3 Ways to Style a Bodycon Dress for Work

Stylish, accentuating, and figure-hugging, all words that come to mind when I think of a Bodycon dress. Bodycon dresses are one those versatile wardrobe items that can be worn for many different occasions and in many different ways. Above I show 3 different ways that they can be styled for a professional appearance.

With a belt.

Wearing a belt with a Bodycon dress can define the waist and allows the wearer to enhance the outfit with matching accessories. I chose to coordinate the dress with a lighter pink belt, shoes, and handbag. Another idea is to pair the dress with printed accessories like polka dot or animal print since the dress is solid.

With a blazer.

A blazer is always a good option for a completed look that is also slimming. The blazer and Bodycon dress combo is great for meetings, presentations, or interviews. I pull together the black blazer and pink dress with both colors in my pumps. The overall look is stylish while also maintaining professionalism.

Wear it as is.

The Bodycon dress can also stand alone as it’s professional and statement making without needing any enhancements. The one I’m wearing in particular is office appropriate given its higher neckline and length. It allows you to feel feminine and well put together at work and can transition to an after work look given its versatility. What’s your favorite way to style a Bodycon dress?

Summer Fashions: From Work to Weekend with Linen Pants

From Work to Weekend with Linen Pants

I love the versatility of linen pants as they can be worn for a variety of occasions. Linen pants have become my new go to bottom for the summer. You can dress them up for a day at the office or dress them down for a day out on weekends. They can also be worn as an alternative to skirts or shorts as they keep your legs warm in colder buildings and they’re light enough to stay cool in the heat.

For work I pair the pants with a collared button down and wedge sandals. The button down gives the pants a professional look and wedge heel can transition from work to after work while also giving the outfit a summery feel.

For the weekend I pair the pants with a top and leopard print flats and jewelry. The top is casual and relaxed and it is perfect for staying cool while going out on weekends or for spending time outside in your backyard or at a park. This outfit is also good for occasions like showers or bachelorette parties where you don’t want to too over or underdressed.

Versatile wardrobe items, such as linen pants are great investments to any wardrobe due to their ability to be worn for a variety of occasions. Not to mention they are very trendy right now and are a great way to stay cool and stylish all at once.

What are your favorite summer wardrobe items?

Summer Fashions: Chic in Black and White

Chic in Black and White

Now that summer is almost upon us it’s time to bring out the white attire and what better way to coordinate it then with a style color classic, black. This timeless look is stylish for any season and serves as a blank canvas to be paired with fun accessories such as prints or bright colors. With my look, I add a combination of both prints with the belt, shoes, and the purse, and a bright color with the lipstick.

Who said black and white has to be boring? This look proves otherwise and shows that both colors combined can easily be summer friendly. The off-the-shoulder top is chic and perfect for those who have a larger bust due to its crossing at the top. This creates proportion for the bust area. The white skirt is a summer classic and works great for the office, church, a conference, or any business casual setting. I add snakeprint statement pieces to bring the 2 colors together, while also rocking a popular print. This is a great and subtle way to rock a print for those who tend to shy away from prints. Lastly, the bright red lipstick stands out against the neutrals in this outfit.

How do you embrace style classic color combos?

Top: New York and Co similar here; Skirt: JCPenney similar here; Belt: similar here; Pumps: Amazon; Purse:: Amazon; Lipstick: MAC Lady Bug

Workwear Inspo: How to Mix Bright Colors and Prints

How to Mix Bright Colors and Prints

Warmers temps, birds chirping, longer days, these are all sure signs that spring is here. Another sure sign of spring is brighter colors. Bright colors seem to be really popular this season and I’m here for it! I love wearing brighter colors as a way to embrace the change in seasons and brighten my mood. I also like to mix and match them with difference prints as a way to add more statement pieces to my attire.Many tend to shy away from prints and bright colors by themselves, let alone mixed together. When done right, you have yourself a stylish and chic outfit that’s a great way to make a fashionable statement that’s sure to turn heads.

They key to styling bright colors and prints is balancing them out with solid pieces. I pair the bright green pants with leopard print accessories and a white button down. The button down lets the pants and accessories do the talking while adding a polished and professional element to the look. The three tone purse enhances the leopard print accessories.

Embrace the longer days and sunshine with a brighter hues and fun prints.

Top: Amazon, similar here,, Pants: Pretty Little Thing, similar here, Pumps: Nine West, Handbag: Strathberry, Belt: Amazon

Workwear Inspo: Work from Home Look Idea

Work from Home Look Idea

I’ve been working from home exclusively since the pandemic began and I had to make the transition from going to an office everyday to making my home my office. A big part of that transition was finding clothes that were comfortable enough to wear around the house yet still enabled me to look decent enough to be seen on camera. Trying to find that balance was a challenge at first but outfits like this dress and cardigan combo make it easy.

The outfit is versatile and could also be worn to the office with a pair of heel or flats. On days when it‘s colder out I pair it with the cardigan, while when it’s warmer out I wear it as is. The dress is stretchy making it cozy for home while also looking structured with the knot tie in the center. I pair the outfit with leopard print jewelry to coordinate with the black while adding a pop of color and design.

Some may be wondering why I put so much effort into a work from home look. Studies show that dressing up signals productivity to your brain and this causes it to go into business mode. Keeping on your pajamas signals rest and relaxation and makes it harder for the wearer to make that transition from sleep mode to work mode. Hence what you wear has big implication on how you feel.

For more work from look ideas see the bottom of the article.

Workwear Inspo: Casual Friday Chic

Casual Friday Chic

Cheers to the weekend! For many in the workplace, Fridays bring about a more casual vibe and dress code. While jeans may be acceptable this day of the work week, finding pieces to pair with them that are casual while not looking too casual can be a challenge, however that does not have to be the case. This look easily transitions its wearer from the work week to the weekend. It’s relaxed while looking polished and professional at the same time.

The key to dressing for casual Fridays is pairing office appropriate pieces like the blazer and heels with more casual items like jeans. I show two footwear options, heels and sneakers as this outfit easily goes with both. The heels are appropriate if you still have something more formal like a meeting to attend, while the sneakers are fitting if you want to be comfortable and casual while also looking well put together. To complete the look I’m wearing pink pearls and carrying a pink to coordinate with the blazer and shoes.

Command respect, while looking casual and chic in this Friday fashion forward look for casual Fridays.

Workwear Inspo: Styling a High-Waisted Skirt

Styling a High-Waisted Skirt

I like that the high waisted style of bottoms is very trendy right now, as this style is very flattering on many figures and accentuates the waist and hips. It gives women a feminine and classy look. However, for some this trend can be intimidating. Well fear no more, because when done right this style can create the look of an proportional hourglass shape on its wearer. The key to achieving the hourglass shape if making sure the skirt stops at the smallest part of your mid-section. For some that might be right at the waist, while for others who are be bigger in the middle, it may be right underneath the bust area. It’s also key to pair these skirts with a top that works with the skirt to create the hourglass look. For most shapes, a fitted top works great to add proportion to the look. For those that are bigger in the middle, you can opt for a more relaxed fitted high waisted skirt, like an a-line skirt paired with a looser (but not too loose) fitting blouse like the outfit pictured below.

High waisted skirt look for those bigger in the middle.

For my look, I decided to pair the high waisted skirt with a fitted puff sleeve blouse. The puff sleeves add proportion to the top, while the fitted skirt accentuates my bottom half. For accessories, I paired the clothes with printed pumps that have both black and pink in them to bring the 2 colors together. I also added a bright pink bag to match the top and layered the look with a black coat to balance out the brightness of the top.

High waisted skirts can give you a sophisticated look that is polished and professional while also figure flattering.

Winter Fashions: Vibrant Hues to Beat the Winter Blues

Vibrant Hues to Beat the Winter Blues

We’re at the long stretch of winter and at times, the winter blues have set in for me with it being cold, gray and overcast, and being hit by snow storms. It can be hard to find joy with the weather being gloomy, however your outfit can be an instant mood booster. People tend to wear darker colors during the winter and I find this to be counterintuitive since it’s already dark and gloomy outside. Why not brighten things up with brighter colors and add some light to the shorter days of winter?

This outfit includes all lighter and brighter hues from the shoulders down. The burnt orange sweater dress stands out with its vibrant color and keeps me warm due to its thickness. I accessorized it with gold and beige in keeping with the bright theme. The gold purse and jewelry brings out the gold in the dress. The beige boots, tights, and coat perfectly complement the bright shade of the dress making this look a ray of sunshine that’s sure to beat the winter blues.

Workwear Inspo: Stand-Out Look for Virtual and Beyond

Stand-Out Look for Virtual and Beyond

Happy New Year! Hope your new year is off to a great start and for those who set goals, that you are well on your way to accomplishing those goals. For some, one of those goals may be to put your best foot forward and be more confident. One way to exude this newfound confidence can be through a confident and put together appearance. An occasion where you especially want to exude the full package of confidence is when giving a presentation or attending a meeting, whether that be at work or for another event. In today’s virtual world, many of us find ourselves attending meetings and giving presentations virtually and in person.

For me when I first started attending meetings and events virtually, I found it challenging to put together a look that stood out on the screen. The only part of you that is visible is your upper half, but I still wanted to make a statement with what was visible. Hence, it becomes important to invest in stand-out pieces for virtual meetings and events such as the collared sweater I’m wearing in this post. The collar stands out due to its contrast to the black sweater with its white lace detail and pearl and rhinestone embellishments. It’s stylish and makes a statement, while also creating a very polished and professional look. Another option could be accessorizing a blazer with a ruffle blouse or a statement necklace.

The look can easily transition as visually appealing for virtual events to eye-catching for in person events. The pants are comfortable enough to wear while working from home and add flair for in person events. To add a pop of color carried a red bag and I wore red lipstick. The pearl jewelry and the pearls on the belt match the pearls on the collar of the sweater and stand-out against the black sweater. The coat adds necessary warmth while also complimenting the outfit and allowing the red bag to stand out.

Transitioning attire between virtual and in person events doesn’t have to be hard and with the right details an outfit can go from boring to stand-out.