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Work Wear Feb 24-28

Daily Work Wear Feb 24-Feb 28

Hope everyone had a great week. The week started off stressful due to one of my projects picking up at work. However it ended better than it started. I plan to take it easy this weekend. Starting off I’m posting a pic of what I wore on Friday.


Sweater: Macy’s old similar here ; Jeans: JCPenney old similar here;  Boots: Naturalizer old similar here; Belt: Target old similar here

Spring Fashions: Easy Easter Look

Easy Easter Look

Easter is here! With this special holiday comes many traditional gatherings and celebrations, from going to church to brunch. Due to the many festivities that can occur on Easter it becomes important to find an outfit that makes it easy to transition from one event to next. This outfit does just that, while still looking spring appropriate and stylish.

While the pieces in the outfit are neutral and muted, their lighter hues makes them suitable for spring and for celebrating Easter. The blush pink dress is perfect for those wanting to wear a spring color, but not something too vibrant. The criss cross striping on the dress makes it flattering on many body types and is a great alternative to those who shy away from bolder spring prints like the floral print. It’s also comfortable as it’s stretchy and makes going from church to brunch easy. I paired it with cream colored accessories to bring out the cream in the dress.

The overall look gives you an ensemble that is easy but looks like it took great time and attention to put together.

Daily Work Wear: March 22-26

Daily Work Wear March 22-26

This week’s outfit features a mix of neutrals with a pop of a pastel. It’s a very classic and feminine look that ushers in spring with the blush pink. The neutral colors of make the pink skirt pop while the white button down shirt and the black bow tie give the look a classic appeal that’s appropriate for a variety of occasions, from work to church.The black heels and handbag perfectly complement the black bow tie enhancing the look with black accessories.

Speaking of the bow tie, I originally purchased it to wear with a formal look, however I realized how versatile it is and can be paired with causal looks as well. I love pieces and accessories that can be worn with a variety of looks and that really enhance the overall look of an outfit like bow ties.

Other accessories that enhance the look of this outfit are the heels, purse and coat. I just recently started to get into heels, as before I only wore flats. Now I’m slowly starting to integrate heels into my wardrobe and find these heels easy to walk in and stylish with the scalloped sides. The purse gives the outfit a polished look with the croc print and tote shape, while the coat adds a finishing touch and also adds warmth for cooler weather.

Button down shirt: Similar here; Bow tie: Amazon; Skirt: Similar here; Heels: Schutz; Handbag: Demellier; Trenchcoat: London Fog, similar here

Spring Fashions: Transitional Early Spring Outfit

Transitional Early Spring Outfit

Even though the temperatures in my neck of the woods have been unsettled, I’m excited for signs of spring by way of warmer temperatures. This time of year on days when it’s mild it can be hard to decide what to wear due to not wanting to wear anything too layered or anything too light. Outfits like the one I’m styling are perfect for this transitional time of year and manage to keep you warm for chilly mornings yet are not too heavy as temps rise throughout the day.

The look is appropriate for everything from work to church and mixes both trendy and classic pieces. The sweater is lightweight and features ruffled cold shoulder sleeves for a trendy look and it brings out the white plaid in the pants.The plaid cropped pants are another trendy piece that pair well with boots for colder temps. The accessories add classic pieces to the outfit and provide a good balance of classic and trendy with the suede boots that coordinate with the pants and the handbag that brings the colors together. The overall colors of the look also put one in mind of spring due to the lighter neutral colors.

Happy Spring and enjoy the transition in seasons!

Sweater: Michael Kors, similar here; Pants: similar here; Boots: DSW; Handbag: Strathberry, similar here

Winter Fashions: Effortless Winter Chic

Effortless Winter Chic

During the winter, at times it can be hard to style outfits that are both effortless and chic without compromising warmth or style. However, this outfit makes it easy to look stylish, while also providing warmth for colder weather months. Everything within the outfit is both practical and fashionable at the same time. The colors also add some brightness to to a winter look with the bright sweater and lighter neutral hues of the skirt, boots, and accessories.

One of the aspects of the outfit that makes it effortlessly chic is the sweater. Not only is it stylish with the cross cross fitted shape, but it also came with the necklace attached to it. This takes the guesswork out of accessorizing the outfit, making it easy to pair it with matching gold jewelry. The color is radiant and can be an instant mood booster on a gloomy and cold day.

The neutral skirt and accessories pair well with the bright sweater and work to create a cohesively light look. The pencil skirt goes well with the form fitting silhouette of the sweater and the over the knee boots keep the parts of the leg warm not covered by the skirt. The purse pulls all the colors together being that it’s beige and gold. To top the outfit off, I paired it with a beige coat that looks great either fastened or worn over the shoulders. When wearing dresses or skirts during the winter I like to wear coats that cover my knees and let boots provide warmth to rest of my legs.

Paired altogether it is a chic and effortless outfit that takes no time to style, but looks like one that is well thought out and coordinated.

Beauty Posts: Boosting Skin’s Defense Against Frigid Temps

Boosting Skin’s Defense Against Frigid Temps

Frigid cold temperatures had a grip where I live for quite a while and the low temps and high wind chills had me turning to products that would keep my skin hydrated. This is the time of year where I’m ready for it to be spring, but I know that in order for my skin to look its best when warmer temps arrive, it’s important to care for it properly while it’s cold outside. Consequently, I incorporate some products that give my skin the extra boost of hydration it needs to prevent from getting dry.

Bath and Body Works Zen Garden Body Wash and Body Cream: Not only do these products smell divine and refreshing, but they are also very creamy and concentrated, giving skin the moisture it needs before and after a bath or shower. The body wash leaves my skin and towel feeling very smooth after each use and the body cream is thick but easy to apply. I would highly recommend using body wash and body cream during the colder weather months due to their thickness in moisture and ability to keep the skin moist more so than shower gel or lotion.

Botanica Naturale Lavendar and Mint Foot and Hand Balm: When I first recieved this balm I looked at the small container and thought that there’s no way this is going to last me for a while. However, 2 months later and after using it almost daily, half the container is still left. This balm smells soothing and relaxing thanks to the lavender and mint combo. It also does a great job of moisturing my hands, which tend to get very dry especially during the winter months. It absorbs in the skin quickly and leaves it lightly scented.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter: Cocoa butter is a classic skincare product used by many to minimize dry areas of the skin, as well as to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. I use it on my face at night on areas that tend to get dry during the winter. Since it is butter, it’s very dense so a little goes a long way. For those with sensitive skin who might be worried about it clogging pores, that has not been my experience as I don’t overdo it when applying it. When I wake up and throughout my day, I don’t see any dry areas on my face.

Neutrogena Skin Balancing Milky Cleanser: I was leary about this product when I first purchased it, as the back of container states that it can be used on damp or dry skin. My thought was if you can use it on dry skin just how effective is it going to be. However, after using this product for about a month I’m happy with the results. It is lightly scented and glides on like a body wash. There is no lather, however like the name states it has a milky consistency. This particular line of Neutrogena products comes in 3 types and the one I use is for dry and sensitive skin. After washing my face with it every morning, I’m left with moist and supple skin.

Winter Fashions: Work from Home Winter Wear

Work from Home Winter Wear

Given the pandemic, many people have made the switch from going to the office everyday to working from home everyday or some days out the week. When working from home, many want to be comfortable and video chat ready at the same time. Even if you don’t have to show your face during meetings, it’s still important to set the tone for your day through looking the part for the job you’re performing.

With temperatures being quite chilly, it’s important to find attire that will keep you warm and comfortable and that looks professional. I find that cardigans are the perfect cross between warm and professional attire that are also comfortable enough to be worn while working from home. To brighten the outfit, I pair the gray cardigan with a yellow camisole and yellow jewelry. My bottoms are leggings that are comfortable and can be worn with many work from home looks.

Work from home wear should be effortless and motivating at the same time and this look achieves both with its functional and comfortable pieces.

Sometime you need a break.
Cardigan: similar here; Camisole: New York and Company, similar here; Leggings: similar here; Jewelry: similar here; Slippers: similar here

Winter Fashions: Houndstooth Suit, The Versatile Printed Suit

Houndstooth Suit

Classy, stylish, and classic are words I would use to describe houndstooth print. When put on a suit, it takes it to another level. Houndstooth print is fun and can be worn with a variety of colors to give a pop. I decided to style my suit with classic black to bring out the black in the print, but it would also look good with pops of brighter colored accessories like red or pink.

Back when I was going to the office I typically didn’t wear suits, but recently started to grow to embrace them. Hence, they have been a worthwhile investment in my wardrobe. This suit is perfect for the winter chill we’ve been experiencing where I live, as its made a thicker material and can be layered with a mock neck or turtleneck top of sweater like shown. The wide leg makes it suitable for wearing with boots during the fall or winter but could also be worn with heels. This suit makes it easy to make a powerful statement when entering or calling into a meeting at work or communing at church.

One of the things I like most about this suit is that it can also be worn as separates. The blazer can be worn casually with a pair of jeans or dressed with a solid pair of slacks or a skirt. The pants would pair well with a sweater, blouse, or vest.

Suits can be fun and versatile and this houndstooth print suit makes it easy to style one with its black and white palette and stylish blazer and pants separates.

Winter Fashions: Warming up the Wardrobe with Winter White

Warming Up the Wardrobe with Winter White

Happy New Year! With it being a new year and fresh start, what a better way to start it off than with a fresh new style perspective. For many this time of year, the tendency is to wear darker colors and let the snow glisten in its white splendor. However, winter white can be a great color to warm up a winter wardrobe as it adds a pop of brightness to a time of year that can otherwise be dark and gloomy.

I’m a big fan of a white and black outfit color combo as both colors offset and enhance each other. The black organza sleeve blouse creates the perfect backdrop for the three strand pearl necklace. The winter white slacks pair nicely with the blouse while the pearl and gold encrusted black belt and the black handbag with the gold buckle coordinate well and finish off the overall look.

This outfit combines color classics by mixing trendy pieces such as the organza sleeve blouse with classic pieces like the slacks creating a timeless and contemporary look. From looking jazzy at work to sophisticated at church this outfit does it all.

Winter Fashions: Ugly Christmas Sweater Alternative

Ugly Christmas Sweater Alternative

With it being after Christmas, now is the best time to stock up on Christmas apparel for next year. Speaking in terms of Christmas apparel, the ugly Christmas sweater has gained in popularity over the years as many people have ugly sweater Christmas contests and parties. Personally, I’m not a fan of ugly Christmas sweaters or anything ugly for that matter. For those who prefer not to wear ugly Christmas sweaters, a cute Christmas top is a great alternative.

The Christmas top I’m wearing perfectly describes one of my favorite things to do during the Christmas season and beyond, shopping! The many colors of the gifts in the top make it great for pairing with a variety of colorful accessories. I pair it with a red purse and snowflake earrings and a bracelet. Since it’s a top it’s on the thinner side and can be paired with a cardigan to keep me warm. I finish the look with gray fleece lined leggings that have subtle winter print on them. The look can go from shopping for Christmas gifts to mingling at a Christmas party.

This outfit is a great alternative for those who want to be merry and festive for Christmas while keeping their look cute and stylish.

Christmas top: similar here; Cardigan: similar here; Handbag: similar here; Leggings: Macy’s ; Booties: similar here; Earrings: Similar here; Puffer Jacker: similar here; Scarf: similar here

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