Fall Fashions: Cozy Yet Chic for the Holidays

Whenever I think holiday outfits for gatherings with family, I think of something comfortable yet stylish. With Thanksgiving coming up and Christmas right around the corner, it’s only appropriate to show a look that is cozy yet chic. This look is stylish enough to make a sophisticated statement for the holidays, yet conducive to gettingContinue reading “Fall Fashions: Cozy Yet Chic for the Holidays”

Fall Fashions: Fall Work from Home Look

With many people working remotely or doing a hybrid work arrangement, the need for comfy yet professional clothing is in demand. It’s easy and possible to have the best of both worlds with looks like the one I’m wearing above. The dress can be worn by itself on warmer days or with a cardigan forContinue reading “Fall Fashions: Fall Work from Home Look”

Fall Fashions: Smooth Transition from Summer to Fall

Now that fall is almost upon us it’s appropriate to start thinking about outfits that can easily transition from summer to fall. The outfit I’m wearing does just that with items such as ankle pants and a button down that can be worn for warmer weather with sandals and a wick bag. They can alsoContinue reading “Fall Fashions: Smooth Transition from Summer to Fall”

Workwear Inspo: 3 Ways to Style a Bodycon Dress for Work

Stylish, accentuating, and figure-hugging, all words that come to mind when I think of a Bodycon dress. Bodycon dresses are one those versatile wardrobe items that can be worn for many different occasions and in many different ways. Above I show 3 different ways that they can be styled for a professional appearance. Wearing aContinue reading “Workwear Inspo: 3 Ways to Style a Bodycon Dress for Work”

Summer Fashions: From Work to Weekend with Linen Pants

I love the versatility of linen pants as they can be worn for a variety of occasions. Linen pants have become my new go to bottom for the summer. You can dress them up for a day at the office or dress them down for a day out on weekends. They can also be wornContinue reading “Summer Fashions: From Work to Weekend with Linen Pants”

Summer Fashions: Chic in Black and White

Now that summer is almost upon us it’s time to bring out the white attire and what better way to coordinate it then with a style color classic, black. This timeless look is stylish for any season and serves as a blank canvas to be paired with fun accessories such as prints or bright colors.Continue reading “Summer Fashions: Chic in Black and White”

Workwear Inspo: How to Mix Bright Colors and Prints

Warmers temps, birds chirping, longer days, these are all sure signs that spring is here. Another sure sign of spring is brighter colors. Bright colors seem to be really popular this season and I’m here for it! I love wearing brighter colors as a way to embrace the change in seasons and brighten my mood.Continue reading “Workwear Inspo: How to Mix Bright Colors and Prints”

Workwear Inspo: Work from Home Look Idea

I’ve been working from home exclusively since the pandemic began and I had to make the transition from going to an office everyday to making my home my office. A big part of that transition was finding clothes that were comfortable enough to wear around the house yet still enabled me to look decent enoughContinue reading “Workwear Inspo: Work from Home Look Idea”

Workwear Inspo: Styling a High-Waisted Skirt

I like that the high waisted style of bottoms is very trendy right now, as this style is very flattering on many figures and accentuates the waist and hips. It gives women a feminine and classy look. However, for some this trend can be intimidating. Well fear no more, because when done right this styleContinue reading “Workwear Inspo: Styling a High-Waisted Skirt”