Spring Fashions: Easy Easter Look

Easter is here! With this special holiday comes many traditional gatherings and celebrations, from going to church to brunch. Due to the many festivities that can occur on Easter it becomes important to find an outfit that makes it easy to transition from one event to next. This outfit does just that, while still lookingContinue reading “Spring Fashions: Easy Easter Look”

Spring Fashions: Neutrals, with a Hint of Pastel

This week’s outfit features a mix of neutrals with a pop of a pastel. It’s a very classic and feminine look that ushers in spring with the blush pink. The neutral colors of make the pink skirt pop while the white button down shirt and the black bow tie give the look a classic appealContinue reading “Spring Fashions: Neutrals, with a Hint of Pastel”

Spring Fashions: Transitional Early Spring Outfit

Even though the temperatures in my neck of the woods have been unsettled, I’m excited for signs of spring by way of warmer temperatures. This time of year on days when it’s mild it can be hard to decide what to wear due to not wanting to wear anything too layered or anything too light.Continue reading “Spring Fashions: Transitional Early Spring Outfit”

Winter Fashions: Effortless Winter Chic

During the winter, at times it can be hard to style outfits that are both effortless and chic without compromising warmth or style. However, this outfit makes it easy to look stylish, while also providing warmth for colder weather months. Everything within the outfit is both practical and fashionable at the same time. The colors also add some brightness to to a winter look with the bright sweater and lighter neutral hues of the skirt, boots, and accessories.

Beauty Posts: Boosting Skin’s Defense Against Frigid Temps

Frigid cold temperatures had a grip where I live for quite a while and the low temps and high wind chills had me turning to products that would keep my skin hydrated. This is the time of year where I’m ready for it to be spring, but I know that in order for my skinContinue reading “Beauty Posts: Boosting Skin’s Defense Against Frigid Temps”

Winter Fashions: Work from Home Winter Wear

Given the pandemic, many people have made the switch from going to the office everyday to working from home everyday or some days out the week. When working from home, many want to be comfortable and video chat ready at the same time. Even if you don’t have to show your face during meetings, it’s still important to set the tone for your day through looking the part for the job you’re performing.

Winter Fashions: Houndstooth Suit, The Versatile Printed Suit

Classy, stylish, and classic are words I would use to describe houndstooth print. When put on a suit, it takes it to another level. Houndstooth print is fun and can be worn with a variety of colors to give a pop. I decided to style my suit with classic black to bring out the black in the print, but it would also look good pops of brighter colored accessories like red or pink.

Winter Fashions: Warming up the Wardrobe with Winter White

Happy New Year! With it being a new year and fresh start, what better way to start it off than with a fresh new style perspective. For many this time of year the tendency is to wear darker colors and let the snow glisten in its white splendor. However, winter white can be a great color to add to in order to warm up a winter wardrobe as it adds a pop of brightness to a time of year that can otherwise be dark and gloomy.