Beauty Post: Winter Wonderland of Products for Glowing and Moist Skin

While the calendar doesn’t quite say that winter has started officially started, the weather in my neck of the woods says otherwise. Things like snowflakes, hot chocolate, cute boots, and winter coats can conjure up beautiful images of winter for many. However winter doesn’t always make skin look beautiful. For myself, my skin tends to get very dry during the winter and I find it especially important during cold weather months to moisturize my skin to retain its glow and soft feel.

Girl Boss Blazer Dress: Weekly Workwear November 16-20, 2020

I’m really liking the blazer dress trend that has gained in popularity these past few years. They look professional and polished for work and can also be worn for a night out. The blazer dress can also easily take the place of suit for an important business function. You can walk into any meeting and instantly the blazer dress makes its wearer look like a true girl boss. The versatility of this dress makes it easy to integrate into any wardrobe.

Fall Fashions: Stand-Out Statement Coat

Colorful leaves or trees dying? Cold air or a crispness in the air? It’s all in how we view things. While I’m not a big fan of the colder weather that comes with fall, I do like styling fall trends like the trench coat. Coats are definitely a fashion staple for colder weather months and if I must wear one to stay warm I figure I might as well have fun styling them.

Fall Fashions: Dressing up for a Fall Tea

Scones, finger sandwiches, dainty desserts, fancy porcelain tea cups filled with warm and aromatic tea. These are some of the many reasons why I like doing afternoon tea. I usually do afternoon tea every year for my birthday but since we were still under lockdown back then I had to wait until the end ofContinue reading “Fall Fashions: Dressing up for a Fall Tea”

Pink Power-Suit: Featured Weekly Work Wear Outfit September 21-25

I don’t know about you, but I really like a power-suit. There’s something about wearing a suit that gives me a sense of confidence and authority. I walk a little taller and feel like a true girl-boss. Suits make an individual look tailored and polished and send the message that “I mean business.”

Beauty Posts: Fall Beauty Finds

I can’t believe that the official start to fall is only a couple of days away! Where has the time gone?! The weather in my neck of the woods has been saying fall for the past couple of weeks. With the cooler weather and leaves changing colors also comes the change in my beauty palette. This time of year I tend to favor wearing neutral or jewel tone lip colors and darker neutrals colored nail polish.

Summer Fashions: Leaving the Last Days of Summer in Style

This time of year people are gearing up for the start of fall, promoting things like pumpkin spice lattes, boots, and Halloween and with the way the weather has been where I live, going back and forth between cold and warm, I can see why. However, with summer being my favorite season, I like to take the last few weeks of summer and enjoy them while summer is still here.