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Spring Lip Colors

From left to right: Avon Hot Pink lip gloss; MAC Lustering lip stick; Avon Aura lip gloss; MAC Snob lipglass; Revlon HD Dazzle Matte Liquid Lipcolor

Since I tend to wear bright colored clothes during the spring I like to accessorize them with bright lip colors. Spring lip colors are fun and can jazz up many outfits. As you can see by the lip colors I tend to use these colors a lot so I’m a big fan of them and highly recommend them!

I like to pair MAC Snob lipglass with Avon Aura lip gloss as both colors are very light when worn by themselves. However, when paired together they create a light cotton candy pink color as shown above. I wear these shades with light pink outfits.

MAC Lustering pairs well with Avon Hot Pink lip gloss as the lip gloss adds shine to the lipstick and they both create a rich hot pink. I wear these colors with brighter pink clothing or when I want to add color to a neutral outfit.

Revlon HD Dazzle definitely is the epitome of HD as this color is bold and very vibrant! It’s a fun lip color to wear and I like to use it to accessorize purple outfits or purple prints. I also wear it when I don’t feel like wearing my dark plum lipstick but still want a purple lip color to match my outfit. It’s lighter than lipstick but still makes a statement with its vivid color and shimmer.

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