Winter Fashions: Warming up the Wardrobe with Winter White

Warming Up the Wardrobe with Winter White

Happy New Year! With it being a new year and fresh start, what a better way to start it off than with a fresh new style perspective. For many this time of year, the tendency is to wear darker colors and let the snow glisten in its white splendor. However, winter white can be a great color to warm up a winter wardrobe as it adds a pop of brightness to a time of year that can otherwise be dark and gloomy.

I’m a big fan of a white and black outfit color combo as both colors offset and enhance each other. The black organza sleeve blouse creates the perfect backdrop for the three strand pearl necklace. The winter white slacks pair nicely with the blouse while the pearl and gold encrusted black belt and the black handbag with the gold buckle coordinate well and finish off the overall look.

This outfit combines color classics by mixing trendy pieces such as the organza sleeve blouse with classic pieces like the slacks creating a timeless and contemporary look. From looking jazzy at work to sophisticated at church this outfit does it all.

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