Workwear Inspo: Stand-Out Look for Virtual and Beyond

Stand-Out Look for Virtual and Beyond

Happy New Year! Hope your new year is off to a great start and for those who set goals, that you are well on your way to accomplishing those goals. For some, one of those goals may be to put your best foot forward and be more confident. One way to exude this newfound confidence can be through a confident and put together appearance. An occasion where you especially want to exude the full package of confidence is when giving a presentation or attending a meeting, whether that be at work or for another event. In today’s virtual world, many of us find ourselves attending meetings and giving presentations virtually and in person.

For me when I first started attending meetings and events virtually, I found it challenging to put together a look that stood out on the screen. The only part of you that is visible is your upper half, but I still wanted to make a statement with what was visible. Hence, it becomes important to invest in stand-out pieces for virtual meetings and events such as the collared sweater I’m wearing in this post. The collar stands out due to its contrast to the black sweater with its white lace detail and pearl and rhinestone embellishments. It’s stylish and makes a statement, while also creating a very polished and professional look. Another option could be accessorizing a blazer with a ruffle blouse or a statement necklace.

The look can easily transition as visually appealing for virtual events to eye-catching for in person events. The pants are comfortable enough to wear while working from home and add flair for in person events. To add a pop of color carried a red bag and I wore red lipstick. The pearl jewelry and the pearls on the belt match the pearls on the collar of the sweater and stand-out against the black sweater. The coat adds necessary warmth while also complimenting the outfit and allowing the red bag to stand out.

Transitioning attire between virtual and in person events doesn’t have to be hard and with the right details an outfit can go from boring to stand-out.

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